It Rains Cats and Dogs

Friday, August 28, 2009

Gambar hanya hiasan. Ariz, Adani & Ayisha in their super-hyper mood.

Wet, rainy season's here, my friends.

And it rained super heavily last night, before iftar yesterday and more days before. Alhamdulillah. *must remember to make dua when it rains*

So, when it rains, you know what follows la kan. Leaks!


We have leaks. Inside, outside, tepi-side all sides.

We have them outside, nearly missing the shoe rack. We have them indoors too. There are 3 lines of leaks snaking down in my master bedroom's wall. There are 2 more down in the upstairs living room. And there's one near the PC. And in the girls' room too. Arghh!!

I guess I have to resign to the fact that the house is rather in need of repairs. It's 11 years old, mind you. Aliya was still toddling around when we moved in here. Now she never lets anyone touch her hair and she'll myspace-ing away most free time.

And the girls for the past week have been jumping the gun on it, demanding to rearrange the sleeping partners. Aliya wants the room she's sharing with Ayisha TO herself. Ayisha wants the same. Adani proudly declares that she's not afraid to sleep by herself. And me, I woke up last night to a sound of something drop somewhere and immediately worried where the girls are.

Now they want to sleep in their own rooms by themselves. What happens to all sleeping in my our room? Why ? Why ? Why? *overdramatic mode*

I guess kids do grow, even if I'd like them to grow a little slower now, but I have to face the facts that they'd be needing privacy soon.


Grrr .. We've started to plan and get people in discussion on ideas for the Gart'sAbode1 and newly acquired Gart'sAbode2. And construction works ain't starting at least after Raya.

And these girls have started shifting things around and memeningkan kepala Mummy.


4 growls by fellow growlers ...:

mama23beas said...

....while you already have that, we are still in our 947 sq ft apartment. Can't decide where would our next home be.

Gartblue said...

mama23beas ... *hugs* ... i'm amazed how you could get them to tolerate each other *rolls eyes* .. hahah .. the girls without ariz are okay, with ariz , it all turns to a titanic in the making .. haha .. read about your 3 babies hospitalised, alhamdulillah, all dah okay.

BTW, asha too, like Bea1, few months back, was on the edge of pneumonia and she never had any athmatic episode ever. But like Bea1, she always sneezes in the morning, jenis yang 7-8 kali sneeze but once that bersin habis, she's fine.

and the docs been asking whether she's asthmatic ke tidak. that got me really worried, especially now.

anyhow .. *hugs* ..

Anonymous said...

hujan la best

elisataufik said...

I hear my master bedroom pun leaking jugak.
Balik ni kena buat operasi fix-meng-fix besar-besaran... :P