Tok Is Well Again, Considerably

Monday, February 23, 2009

Last week has been quite hectic, for us, the clan.

On Wednesday, struck by a fever-induced infection, Tok went into a delirious state, refusing water and food and it soon got kinda serious. Dehydrated and all. BTW, she's about 88 years old and has only been bed-ridden for the past few months, having spent a few years on and off wheelchairs.

When I was at Mak Ndak's place (where Tok is )and I was looking at a picture on the wall of us all during Hari Raya in 2003 (Adani was still a baby and Ariz was well, not here yet) and Tok looked strong and nowhere near the frail old body she's in today and her eyes looked the same, just much much more sadder. Time sure flies.

You see, my Wan passed away on the 5th April 1996 of lung cancer. It was a huge blow to the family and to Tok. Incidentally, then the four of us, cousins were not informed of his demise until we came home for the holidays. We were studying at that time in UK, Ireland and Liza was in Australia. This was new to us because we never experienced the heartache and the worry and the prospect of a death in the family.

So, when Mak Ndak called crying telling us that she didn't know what else to do cos Tok looked like she's given up and now is just in the "berserah" state. We all came running. My uncle, Pakcik Awi, Tok's favourite who was at Gloucester, UK, was in tears over the phone and 3 days later came home. Even Tok's favourite cucu, studying medicine at Indonesia was sent packing home.

I picked up Nobita from her hospital on Wednesday and drove to Senawang where everybody's already arrived. Liza and Airena, the doctors of the family were already fixing her IV line, since she refused food and water and even hospitals. She was delirious, not recognising some of us. She remembered us, the twins, but she didn't remember us having babies of our own.

In fact, she was mumbling about the time my grandfather was still a policeman and they were living at the police baracks at Alor Setar. She was muttering 9644 over and over again and Pak Lang told us that that was Wan's police number. I was a baby then. She kept asking whether all her 9 children were home already. Pakcik Awi was en route from the UK and we prayed that he would hurry.

Anyhow. Alhamdulillah. By Friday after Pakcik Awi arrived, she got better, drinking and even eating a little. And she's a lot calmer too. My aunties and uncles are still berkampung at Senawang.

Yesterday, we made it back to Senawang and she was a lot of better.

Alhamudulillah. I pray that Allah eases her suffering and I pray that Tok would have patience through this test Allah puts her under. Insyallah.

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azGROWLen said...

Pray that all would be well.
BTW posting during Oxxxxx hours/

ery kumagai said...

dia rindu anak cucu kot esp her fav. pastu baru okay sikit.

i pray for her recovery.
Visit her more often. She misses her anak cucu. I learned a lesson after my late dad "depart".