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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Sorry folks for not enlightening you of my rather sedentary and less colourful life these days. Just feeling slightly lazi-er than normal.

But since Jo & azGROWLen were so eager to get me to post stuff again (after which I guess they'd regretted their choice words in the comments), I guess I just couldn't stop.

Kids wise .. inspired by Loll's adventure in islaimically educating her brood, I've started my journey with the kids too. Our first Aqeedah lesson was after Maghrib prayers and it was last week. Adani & Ariz are still talking about it, especially the part of "if Mummy doesn't see you punch me, ALlah does". *kurang khusyuk sikit bila dengar macam tu, heh! bangga pun ada!* But I shall blog more about it later.

Baking wise. I've gone completely crazy over ROse Levy Beranbaum. I have all 3 (minus the Pie & Pastry book) books and I've been baking crazy. Saturday, I took an order for a tray of lasagne and a 2-tier chocolate & vanilla cake, retro design. Raving reviews for the lasagne. I made a little batch for us for dinner and the kids were licking their spoons and plates. Me too! Sedap weh. I impressed myself even. Kah kah kah! Perasan! That I shall blog more later too.

What I need to break to you guys are .. jeng jeng jeng ..


It's confirmed. We put down the downpayment yesterday, after winning the bid. It was really cheap, considering the British owner was desperate to let it go and he let it go real cheap. The kids are happy. We have doubled our living area from 2100 sf to 4100 sf and I have images of a island in my large kitchen, a bedroom for each of the kids, the extra master bedroom which will be turned into a walk-in wardrobe and a musolla and a large study. Weeheee!!

Walaupun we're not sure when to do these things. But the house is ours now!

*doing a chicken dance. Not pretty. But super-excited*


22 growls by fellow growlers ...:

Lana said...

babe, mcm susah nak bacalah. ke, my pc setting eh?

elisataufik said...

best nya best nya!! I am so excited for you!!
We had wanted to buy my mom's neighbour's house tapi diorang tak nak jual :P
Is it more financially feasible than getting a seperate bigger house?
Tapi I think logistic wise, lagi senang, kan? Tak payah pindah randah.

syiok nya syiok nyaaaa
I sukaaaaaaaa renovate rumah!

Anonymous said...

huiyooo... are you sure it's meant for you? cuba check betul2 with MrGart hahaha

famygirl said...

waaaaahhh! tak beli Lagenda pun takpa :D

giler bessssttt!! saya tumpang gumbira

nae said...

Wow...that will be very huge space. Can't wait to see you in that 8 (or 10?) bedrooms place with Andes on one month leave :)

Congrats,babe! You deserved the kitchen island.

Gartblue said...

lana .. ya lor .. think need a new layout. i like yours, can share? *hic*

elisa ... ooo ooo ooo been drwaing plans all day long .. we had wanted to buy that house for the longest time, but he wasn't selling then. rezki for us, alhamdulillah .. trust me, this option does not saddle me withclose to a million in debt. yikes! and I love my existing house .. only looking to get a new one just for the additional space ..

screw .. i knew what you're hinting for and NO!

famy .. yoohoo .. saya sungguh seronots .. but had no clue how to start paying for the renovation. yikes!

nae .. uhm uhm uhm .. there's always MerryMaids. hahah

butterflutter said...

That wl be super huge. Yes..yes..yes..island in the kitchen...walk in wardrobe. Ample space to move around, senang nak buat kenduri kendara ;-)

Lollies said...

please share what you teach with the kids. so we can add to each other notes?

whoaaaa a new house makes one big house. So you will be inviting me over next summer kan?

Gartblue said...

butterflutter .. Yup we are looking forwar to it tho tatau bila things can start .. Hehe dream, we must.

lolls ... Share ? No worries. It'll be like reading your wordpress pages la .. With much less efforts. U are super-inspirational to me you know in more ways than u know. Muahs

Lollies said...

eh makcik. who is that lollies you are linking to lah? that is not me.

ery kumagai said...

waahh rumah besau, jadi mem besau..I LOIKE!
tahniah tahniah babe! makin menjadi-jadi baking membaking nnti boley golek2 kt dapur super besau nnti.

but tht's good idea kan, u get more super huge space without pindah randah so much yg amat memenatkan.

Nina Zan said...

masya allah bestnyer!!

i could imagine the island kitchen already. Huge garden landscape. Bley buat garden wedding! bley buat study room or library, bley main kejar-kejar.
*see you at rumah sebelah in 2 mins*. Pergh.. endless.

Rezeki you, alhamdulillah eh.

Thought i saw BSN ads on house reno loan. Loan la.. Alang-alang dah jadi jutawan hutang.

Seriously makcik.. I'm teruja for you.

lazydaisy said...

syok nya buy next door house je senang nak pindah

selamat make-over rumah :)

zan said...

congrats on the new purchase!! dah boleh imagine rumah besau gart..with th eisland and all :)

must update us with the renovation work and pics too before and after ;)

Gartblue said...

lolls .. hahahah .. tertinggal place le .. sori babe ..

ery .. yay ... i can already imagine me at the island .. haha .. but pening jugak ni nak me-renovatekan rumah .. btw, the kids have already moved their bikes over ..

nina .. hmm part yang "jumpa rumah sebelah in 2 mins" sungguh meng-ujakan .. kaka jutawan hutang eh?

lazydaisy .. thanks babe ..

zan ... will do. will do. tapinya entah bila baru nak buat .. the kdis had all sorts of ideas .. the parents, a bit short on the dosh part .. hahahah

elisataufik said...

Taufik suruh tanya what the house prices in BJ is like. Going up or going down? Ramai orang nak jual rumah ke?

Gartblue said...

Elisa ... Prices are going down .. A corner near ours has dropped from 750 to 705k. agents told us tt maybe can go below 700k. U may want to check them out. My agent lives here too.

JoKontan said...

Congratulations !

Whoa, boleh muat satu PPU nih !

I think it's clear that there would be no Structural Change to Mr Gart yaa. Opps,. sorry, To the house yaa.

Jangan plak pegi potong beam ghumah tuu nak muat kan apakernama kitchenin the island, island in the kitchen...

(oops merapu sket)

Gartblue said...

ish kau ni jo .. tak habis-habis nak buat PPU ... hahaha .. part yang potong-memotong beam tu, saya akan usahakan supaya tidak melanggar sebarang peraturan, lest runtuh la rumahku.

MrGart is more excited with the prospect of renovating the house. Me? Worried about the paying for the house.

Cherry said...

what ! you bought the house next door. i was planning to do similarly but then i am eyeing the corner house at yr road tu.
ha ha ha ... nampaknya kita ber"kubah" je lah, no tropika-lalaland. invite me after the renovation ... and do serve me the lasagna

Gartblue said...

cherry babe .. berkubah tak apa, jangan berkubang ! Btw, the corner dengar frm my agent can fetch slightly under 700k .. We were sangat teruja .. Tapi yg ni a much safer investments for us .. Yup .. No tropika lalaland .. Kita pg lepak rumah nae ajela camtu ..

Cherry said...

under 700k ... that's a bargain. alamak camne nak convince Ayahanda ni since dia baru tukar "wheels" duhhhh ! yes ... bila kita nak ber tropika land ni ?