Quiet Quiet Time This Has Been

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


I need things to read.

Reflections to ponder upon.

Puns and jokes to make me keel over and break out in stitches of laughter.

You guys have been so quiet.

What's up?

Blog, people blog?

I need you.

p/s I guess that goes out to me too eh? This blog counts?

6 growls by fellow growlers ...:

JoKontan said...


This go out to you tooo !

Mana pegi ?


I was @ CNY at Lightning Club the other day. Harituu,. Harapnya adalah GLC2 bloggers.

Only met the Real AJ aja... :-)

Shhhh,.Got his url kaa ?

Gartblue said...

jo .. kakakak .. I was having a blast reading your blog .. sampai rasa my blog tersangatlah bohsan nya compared to you.

*mental note: must invent great names for ppl, the way only jo can*

Heck! I was there for the do that they did for the staff. Foohh giler food mmg sedap giler. I actually isi the feedback forms 2 helai. Dengan ucapan, tahun depan, jangan lupa order menu sama. Haha.

Aha .. you met they guy eh? got got .. you can go to gondai at blogspot ... you were classmates?

azGROWLen said...

Yo; its the case of us needing you, your anecdotes; your wit and your outlook of life, so don't ever stop again!

theotheraj said...

lagi mau komplen.. ko nye blog lagi bersawang la

Ummu Layth said...

ni memang sah tak pernah jenguk my blog dah. ngehehehe

Lollies said...

ehem. many people are continuously blogginf. si aliya tu lagilah banyaknya. sapa punya blog yang bersawang ni sebnarnya? :p