Is That A Threat ?

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A note found in Asha's school bag on Monday night :

Untuk Ayisha. Mula dari esok bawa :

1. Satu kotak.
2. Beads.
3. Kertas Manila warna biru
4. ...
5. ...
6. ...
7. ...
8. ...
9. Duit 30 sen hari isnin-khamis, 20 sen hari jumaat. jumpa kami di lobi 3.
*takes deep breath*


Initially MrGart thought it was a list of Arts class, except that item 9 was super-suspicious. I lost sleep Monday night pondering this over.

Should I talk to her teacher ?
What if I speak to the teacher and she suss these kids out and then they retaliate against her for ratting them out?
What if this destroys her budding confidence ?
Should I speak to the suspected bullies themselves ?
Haven't I made myself visible at the school enough that these kids would see what Ayisha's mother would like ?
Do we give her too much money to school that she immediately becomes a target?
Was that note a sick joke ?
Who would write such a note ?
Are these extortionists boys or girls ?
How old are they? In the afternoon sessions, there are only Standards 1,2 and 3. Ayisha is Standard 3. Could these be her friends ? Classmates ?

Questions. Questions. Questions.

No answers yet.

I have not had a chance to speak to Asha seriously about this as she has tuition last night and was just tired and got into bed.

But yesterday, while I was at school waiting for Asha, I climbed the stairs to the school's office. There were 2 lady teachers and I cordially asked them if there's any reports of money extortion at the school this year. And I told them of the note. They were suprised and agreed that there could be a threat in it. I did not think any of Asha's friends I know, would have the mind to do that.

But then again, I could be wrong. Not some months ago, I blogged about Asha being targetted as a "Fund Manager" for a girl who used that fund to generate income for her, no interest nor dividends was disbursed to these Fund Managers, mind you!

So, you see. Need advice. I'm not sure how should I broach this topic to Asha without her feeling as if she's ratting out on these kids, nor should she feel that she's running to Mommy everytime trouble hits. I also need her to know that she can and should tell me everything, right or wrong.

*worries myself sick*

p/s btw, a BJ kindy and the addaris is closed for the rest of the week for an outbreak of hand, foot and mouth disease (HFM), so folks, keep an eye out.

*worries even more. HFM is a viral infection with high-grade fever.*

10 growls by fellow growlers ...:

Sizuka said...

It happens once to my daughter, iffah. What I did was, I went to school, met the kaki buli, and cerita kat dia ciri2 anak yang solehah dan ciri2 budak nakal. and i warned her, kalau ada lagi masalah yang sama, i'll inform the class teacher and pengetua, also make police report. er.. i was exaggerating pasal police report tu, but saje je nak buli budak kecik :D

Gartblue said...

sizuka ... betul jugak approach you tu .. kalau pegi terus and marah budak tu, lagi dia buli anak kita kot .. at least she can make a choice .. eh babe, macamana anak you kena buli ni ? cerita la ... btw, a friend just told me last week how anak dia, a boy darjah 1, everyday nangis nak pegi sekolah sbb kena buli dengan kawan sekelas .. adoihhh .. sakit kepala ..

*tergelak besar part you nak buli budak kecik tu*

Cherry said...

i think my kids pun sort of kena buli but a bit more politely. LW2 pesan to Bibik to make sure masak ayam goreng banyak-banyak for bekal,kawan mintak. And LW3 pesan to me, if i buy croissant, beli banyak-banyak, kawan pesan.

errrr tu kira buli gak kan, tapi buli sopan santun sikit :)

so ship of knowledge tak kena apa2 pasal HFMD ni kan, rugiii ... kalau tak boleh cutiii kat rumah ... kata LW4.

butterflutter said...

With Afiq I always try not to go directly. More of cerita ceriti skit. Maybe you can talk abt buli in general then ask ada ke her friends yg mcm tu. She doesn't know that you know kan? When she open up then ask her what she wants to do. Ini 1st step lah kan. This is if u think you need to protect her. Sleepless night kan gart..itu lah cabaran ada anak ni.

Gartblue said...

Cherry ,. Sungguh sopan-santun anak mu kena buli .. Hahaha .. Entah entah mak mak budak yang nak kot?
Takde la babe .. Ship of knowledge x de dengar khabar berita pun ... lega ... i dah start risau dah ... A cousin kata as of semalam ada 6 budak infected.

ery kumagai said...

i think they know ur kids bwk duit lebih kot tu pasal jd target.

i rasa kalau i, i jumpa direct ngan teacher. pastu kasik itu tertuduh nampak muka i sendirik. pastu jeling2 lg. torture sikit. hahahaha.

eh once my nephew ada problem kat former school, boarding boys school.
u know he claimed pernah kena "usik" yg bg dia he cannot tolerate.
the mother kat backhome jauh so me with my bros (eceh ceh) pegi sekolah jumpa pengetua and panggil the suspects. i ugut budak2 tu depan2 cikgu dia. i ckp kalau dia berani, i tunggu kat bandar seremban. ada berani? hahahaa

ery kumagai said...

*additional note*

masa tu i tgh memboyot, abt 7-8 months kot.

no wonder my Jr now ada sedikit itu ciri-ciri yakuza. adeih

Gartblue said...

butterflutter ..thanks for the tip .. akan di slowtalk malam ni .. cos we're very anxious.

ery .. *angkat kening* .. yakuza? jr? where else eh? fooohh .. terer ? eh babe, kalau betul dia datang, you nak bersilat dengan perut ke? but betul jugak tu ..

Anonymous said...

am hoping that day won't come for adam. or, ntah2 adam yg membuli tak? lagipun bila 1 parent menganggur ni, duit poket sehari equivalent to ayah dia punya cost of daily newspaper hahah..

err.. ada ibu yakuza rupanya?

elisataufik said...

kat sekolah bebudak nia da 'circle time' ramai2 dengan cikgu where people can talk about anything (usually pasal inter-personal relationshop lah) and one of the topics they cover is bullying and appropriate/inappropriate behaviour.
Perhaps should suggest sekolah to do that lah. tak yah lama, 5 -10 minutes, just so that people can air their grievences without feeling scared.
So far it has worked wonders on my children's confidence. They felt like they are heard.