Melaka Was Fun

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Sometime in January, my maid went home for a week visiting her ailing mother.

We were at Melaka one day to pick her up at the port. The kids saw the signages for the Zoo Melaka a number of times already and since we're still ahead of the schedule, we thought we'd pay those Melaka-ed animals a visit.

It was amazingly big and clean zoo. I'm sold.

Kiddos sitting atop a fake turtle, eating ice-cream for the 4th time that day and MrGart (ignore the belly, yikes!)

They also have this long bridge on stilts over a safari. Kalau sakit kaki, jenuh jugak nak menapak. But the kids were excited. It's drizzling and there were a pack of zebras taking shelter under us.

After Andes safely arrived, we saw this Taming Sari ride and the kids pestered us. So, there. MrGart was trying o hide his gayat-ness. Although this is really high, but sangatla harmless.

3 growls by fellow growlers ...:

mama pasha said...

jalan sakan yay!!! bagi ice cream tu skeett... sedap nampak.. :)

Gartblue said...

seronok bangat diah ...hahah .. ariz memang hantu ice-cream .. especially the batman ones..

famyGirl said...

looks fun! i tak pernah pegi zoo melaka walaupun beberapa kali balik kampung there :P i hear they have a night zoo too, no?

taming sari ride tu apa? sungguh jakun saya ini