The Little Spelling Bee In The House

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Mummy .. Ariz tau nak spell ELEPHANT.

S .. D .. E-LE-PHANT !

Mummy, mummy. Iz tau nak spell RAIN.

S .. D .. RAIN !

Daddy, Iz tau nak spell Bubbles.

S .. D .. BUB-BLES !

Mummy, mummy. Ariz tau nak spell Mummy.

1 ..S .. C .. MUM-MY!

These sessions get ALiya and Asha and Adani in stitches. They'd be so tickled by this and I would be squinting warnings to them to not say otherwise. Menjaga hati!

Yikes! Exactly how do you disagree with a very opinionated 4 year old. He holds out 4 fingers and confidently says "ONE". After the 4th cycle of "ONE la", Mummy lets go and nods her head.

And why or why, everything is spelled with an S and a D?

7 growls by fellow growlers ...:

Anonymous said...

maybe dah besar nak jadi:
1) lawyer/judge - SD = statutory declarations
2) engineer/planter - SD = sime darby
3) gangsta rapper - SD = snoop dogg

azGROWLen said...

I like theotheraj comments - nail on the head! slum dog

Gartblue said...

screw .. U have way too much time on your hands ... But hilarious nevertheless ..

And azgrowlen .. Ceh .. mana boleh agree liddat ...

Lana said...

ha.. he's showing progress. you go, ariz!

Gartblue said...

lana ... definitely a progress! tapi sungguh la vain ini budak kecik .. when he's singing the ABC song, you know the A B C D E F G .. H I J KLMNOP ..O P Q RST V W X Y Z. The KLMNOP part is the part where the pace quicken and bila kita nak perbetulkan, uish marah ! .. nyampah I!

butterflutter said...

Same here lah. Hannah bila I betulkan aje dia kata "Takpe la...Hannah nak mcm tu" emph...bagi 'chan' lah kat di org ni. The 4 this age dia org still cute...

Cherry said...

sejibik macam uqbah. now he's progressed to ... dahi dahi da , garu garu ga , kaki kaki ka errgghhh and he's 6 this year, still can't count 1-10 and does not recognize alphabet yet ... should i start worrying ?
mak uqbah bertanya kepada mummy adani yang studious dan pandai itu.