Happy Mother's Day`

Monday, May 9, 2011

I missed it?
Did I?

Actually I did not but I was quite content on not begging for attention and more to giving to others. Sure signs of getting older, I guess.

Anyway, the weekend started off as usual. Me, revising with the girls as the exams are creeping ever so sneakily on us. Worse is that I've registered all 6 of us for this Chicken Run thing (we are all running between 2-4 km carrying a cone with an egg in it) and it did not dawn on me that it will be right smack in the exam week. *kicks self*


More reasons to study early then. Kids are getting all excited about it.

Well, I spent the day sewing these pouches for my Mak and for the kids' Teachers Day pressies for their teachers.

I bought some gorgeous fabric from IKEA and used my stash of fabrics and can't wait to upload pictures of them here. Cool cool pressies for Teacher's Day.

MrGart who is as romantic as Bubbles the Cat, spoke about massage for two which I had to organise and Ayisha wished me 30 times during the day. Ayisha is my intuitive child, always spot on on feelings, she knows when to push the button and when to let go. She's really intuitive, can't explain any more than that. Ariz coyly kissed me and whispered Happy Mothers Day to me. He came home on Friday with a beautiful card.

Aliya and Adani are always reserved with emotions. Aliya, the lack of it and Adani, spurts of strong emotions.

Anyway. To me, Mother's Day is about celebrating what we mothers have all known all this while. Unrelenting devotion to the kids and family. We need no presents and we need no recognition but what we need is for the family to be well. That's all. Insyallah.

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