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Friday, May 6, 2011

It's been a long while since I last blogged. Maybe I should somewhat update a little about ME. *snicker*

1. Hopes and prays to go for umrah or even hajj anytime soon.

2. Realises that my cookies and cakes business just don't gel well with the needs of the family. So, I hung my business apron and donned my mommy apron. Still teach though. Whatever little knowledge I have, if it benefits others, I'll be pleased.

3. Accepts Aliya, Ayisha, Adani and Ariz just the way they are. Academically, Aliya is alright. Ayisha needs serious one-to-one coaching. She scored a big fat 0 in Paper 2 Science in Monthly Test 1 and that I did a lot of soul-searching and crying. Now, I turn to Allah and seek his guidance, his help in helping me to help Ayisha. Insyallah. More of that in next posts.

4. We have expanded the house to double its original size. The contractor we trusted has betrayed us and I've learned to forgive. Allah gives and Allah takes. We have now engaged a new contractor to finish off and complete whatever's left undone yet.

5. Adani and Ayisha now go to BJ KAFA instead of Ad-Daris before/after school and since the school does not do mengaji and looking at the exorbitant rates the Ustaz and Ustazah charge to come to the house to teach the kids mengaji, I've decided to take it up myself. Why of why did it take me so long to realise that, especially when I've already completed my tajwid lessons many years ago. But of course, time is always limited and if I can do 3 nights a week, that is already an accomplishment. Insyallah. May Allah ease the way for us.

6. Ariz is READING! Yay! Alhamdulillah. In the last few weeks, his reading skills picked up exponentially. Last night, in bed with me, in the dark, he whispered that he knew how to spell starfish, and he asked me how to spell know. *wipes tears* but of course it didn't come without some hilarious moments. One day, he asked how to spell fa-ke (he pronounced it like the f word with -er). Aliya was with me and her eyes buldged. My heart stopped and I had images of banning Internet in the house. I kept calm and asked how the word is spelled. f-a-k-e. Phew! Fake, as in Make, as in Cake. You scared me, dear boy!

7. I think Adani is feeling slightly more miserable this year. She's a perfectionist and little imperfect things bug her a lot. And she's a social person and hurts easily if friends hurt her. I really need to boost her EQ.

8. Aliya has a new Blackberry and has been on it forever. She's on Twitter too. Must keep track of what she does. She still tells me what she does and where she goes with her friends. I pray that Allah guides her heart and makes it easy on her.

9. MrGart is doing is Master's degree and I've been rather unsupportive lately, especially with the late nights classes and the ignored family. After a few skirmishes, I've learned that a wife supports. Even if it hurts. She supports. I will.

10. I feel wiser now. I think more and I feel more. I definitely am getting older. Sigh!

4 growls by fellow growlers ...:

TheVeryEry said...

1. lets do it..

6. Jr. pun dh start spelling, but hancus la ntah apa2 haha but okay la as long as dia nak sebut. :)

you..welcome back. :))

OO said...

Ammen for nuumber one.

I've come to accept and be comfortable with what and who my kids are...we are giving our best to support..kalau tak berapa cemerlang certain subjects, surely (and insya-Allah), there are something else that they could excel..dah ada tu kena find out jer..

Take care!

mamarawks said...

yey!! updates from Gart.. wah semua org sudah buat comeback.. I jugak yg liat2 lagi.... is not that I don't have a time but bila nak start cam tak tahu what is the best way to start, many things to tell yet tapi semua tak material. Sudahnya dalam kepala je...

Cute Ariz.. but lucky you kept yourself calm.. or else tak tahu la kan.. abis kena banned internet..

Gartblue said...

@Ery .. muahs babe .. miss you!

@mamarawks .. uish .. kept calm tu cakap sekarang la, masa tu rasa nak meletup dup dap

@OO .. ammeen .. hopoe Reez comes back.