I'm Hollering From Over There

Monday, October 19, 2009

Dear fellow growlers,

Alhamdulillah, my blogging years have touched 5 long years and although I've changed platforms a few times and names too, from modblog to efx2, efx2blogs and wordpress and blogspot, it does not stop me from blogging.

Well, the rather sad part is that, I think I may need to just jump ship and abandon this blog and continue my blogging at blog.razzledazzlecookies.com . No particular reasons why.

Just that it gets hard to put up 2 different presences, one where I'm blogging as myself, unadulterated. And the other, the baker part of me. So, it's time I guess, I realise that why 2 blogs ?

It's the same me. I may bake, but I still pick fights with the tailgaters (in my dreamworld). I may decorate cookies but I still abashedly spill all about my misfortunes. Who can forget, the incident when I forgetfully and mistakenly left 2-year old Adani in the car under the hot afternoon sun ? And to you and you and you, who looks up to me as a benchmark of a Queen of Murphy's Law, I still am me.

So, there. If it's ain't soppy yet, I don't know what will. This is as soppy as Gartblue would ever get.

Conclusion. The layout of this blog is screwed and I'm jumping ship over to my blog. So, come with me and discover more mishaps.

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