Feeling Neglected Eh ?

Thursday, October 1, 2009


Almost a month of not updating the blog. Gosh! I must have been in a daze.

*thinking of an excuse*

*thinking hard*

Ah well! No excuses, really. Just plain M-A-L-A-S !


To recap the last month. Ramadhan is over quite uneventfully for us this time around. I wanted to focus on more of ibadah this Ramadhan hence the lack of anything else. Not even kuih raya or cookies.

Hari Raya was kinda muted. We spent the first Raya at my parents' in Gombak and hopped over to Seremban where the rest of the clan congregated. We had a big family meeting in view of the looming crisis in the family and insyallah things are sorted out now. Unfortunately, we did not take a single Raya photos this time around. I wonder why.

2nd Raya to the 4th, we spent it at MrGart's hometown.

Came home on Friday to a messy house and no maid and a 300 pcs of cookies to do. Alhamdulillah it workd out fine. Being without a maid means picking your battles. It's okay to step on stegosauroses every few steps but at least they're on the floor, not beneath a mound of dust. Eh ?


Andes came home last Monday. Alhamdulillah. We are so blessed to have her with us for the past 7 years and although not without trials, we are better off than most. Insyallah. What I can say here is that, it's hard to get a good maid, but to maintain a good one takes effort. Seriously!

My meeting at Danang, Vietnam on Tuesday was postponed due to Typhoon Ketsana and I am just thankful that the meeting was called off at the very last minute especially when I saw a picture of Danang, flooded this morning.

The Earth was indeed angry yesterday. I pray for the peoples of Indonesia, Samoa, American Samoa and the Ketsana stricken victims. Life indeed is a test.

Kids wise .. Aliya completed a month's fasting. Ayisha missed a day for food poisoning. Adani is still thinking to fast. Ariz says Optimus Prime does not fast. And he only fasts when it's time to eat. Sigh!

Ayisha got her handphone since dia puasa penuh. Now Adani is pining for one. She has to wait till she's 9, I said. She's counting now. Adani got her left ear pierced (her right was pierced a year ago but the left's hole closed after a mishap) to prepare for her Indian dance at her concert next month.

House-wise. We got TM, the designer/consultant to knock down the porch wall separating our house and uhm our house and she spruced up the lawn, planted some weeping (Mrgart says sweeping) willows and found some kayu jambatan to be fashioned into a long bench. I thought the bench looks awesome. Love the unique look.

But sedih sekali, after 4 hari at SP, the smaller willows died on us and some annoying cats have poo-ed on the newly laid grass. The annoying cats' owners' kids have also annoyingly trespassed into our house to play and ransacked the house during the holidays. I have since warned them not to come and only to play at the park, not at our house. BTW, these are also the kid who early this year have accused my daughter of bullying her and I have not heard any apology from mother or daughter even after Ayisha was cleared and the culprit was the the kids herself, although I never expect any. But it gets to me that she and her brother just climb the walls (because they know we lock the doors) to get to our house at all hours of the day and demanded to naik atas to play with the PC and notebook. That is a major no-no to me.

Anyhow. *checks mood*

Selamat Hari Raya peeps.

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zan said...

your 2nd last para raised my eyebrow lah.

takkan 2nd day pun tak tangkap gambar raya? i'm pinning to see cik gart in kebaya ketats :P

sila la tepek itu gambar lovely bench, mau tengok..mana laa tau boleh bench mark :)