26th or 27th

Thursday, February 28, 2008

It rained yesterday at Shah Alam. Not the typical whimsical-look-up-to-the-sky-and-make-a-wish rain but the sort that came with lightning and thunder and raindrops the size of golf balls (okay, I exxagerated a little) but they came thundering down in a huge huge curtain.

Good thing was that I took off from work and came home at 4pm instead. Rain started pounding about 5:55pm. I decided not to pick Asha up today. Then regretted that decision almost immediately cos when the rain started getting REALLY bad, I was outside looking at the clock, imagining the worst. Like she'd be drenched and probably pushed and fell because of the chaotic situation at the school.

12 minutes after she was let out of school and did not arrive, I took matters into my own hand. Grabbed an umbrella, braved the really heavy rain and cringing at the lightning all around me and got in the car. The short drive to the school was scary as the underground drainage holes was unable to drain out the overflowing rainwater and started to flood the whole road. I prayed that everything would be okay.

Arrived at the school and it was chaotic. Everybody was drenched. Worried parents looked for their kids. And bus/van drivers were even more frantic-er looking for their little charges. I couldn't find Asha but found 3 of her van-mates. 2 of whom are MissKLSentral's. I didn't have money on me nor my phone and I needed to make sure Asha got home, so I borrowed 50 sen from Aryssa. Sungguh memalukan. Phone's not working.

I prayed that Asha was alright as I waited for the 3 girls until Uncle Masi came after sending off the first-trippers around 6:41pm. Drove home and found Asha all showered and smiling. Phew!

Anyway, the road from Gi-ant to Sect 13 was still closed even at 10pm last night after we came back from MrGart's birthday dinner. Flash floods.

Today, I googled about the flashfloods yesterday and aha! Well, nothing much on the flood yesterday but plenty about the floods 2 years back on the 26th Feb 2006. And wasn't yesterday the 27th February? Ding ding ding ding (sing to the tune of Twilight Zone).

And isn't the 26th December was also the date for the earthquake at Bam and the great tsunami? Hmm. It's all coincidence, maybe but I guess we should not read too much into the numbers and all It's Allah's will. What happens, happens.

Well. Aku masih bohsan.

p/s Another aftermath of the heavy rain, MrGart drove my Swift yesterday through floodwater and this morning, the front number plate's missing. Is that a traffic crime ? Sheesh! I shall be inconspicuous on the road today until it gets replaced.

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